What's more flattering than someone saying 'You're beautiful' in front of you and in front of everybody else?!? I'll tell you, when a stranger says it.And when the people who hears it are strangers, too.

Today, when I was going to get a photocopy of our school project, I came by a Xerox Copy center and the owner was an old man. It was raining so hard that I was dripping wet when I went inside the store. The old man was staring at me and stopped talking to his friends. I was really nervous 'cause I thought he was mad that I destroyed his floor. Instead, he approached me and told everyone inside the room:

" This girl will grow up to be a beautiful lady." 
Shocked, I laughed and teased him if he didn't think I was pretty now. He told me I am currently at the 'ordinary' level of beauty. Everyone in the room giggled. He said at the age I'm in, I will bloom into something even better. [He thought I was 13] I corrected him and he teased me that he said 16, not 13. After getting my photocopy, I bid him goodbye and thanked him for the compliment. He said it was nobig deal and left me with these words marked on my mind:

"Trust me, you're beautiful. Now, and for the years to come." 

Y'know, that somehow completed my day. G'night!


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