The Best for Last

Basically, whether I feel like it's the happiest day or not, I like to shout to the world it is. Today, it was the happiest day. I fulfilled my goal: to command an execution for our CAT I drill. Why is it my goal, you ask? Easy. Simply because only Senior Officers can do that. A cadet can only command if it was ordered by the officer or if the cadet performed well on the drill. And I did well. I will never ever ever EVER forget that moment. Really.

The best part was that it was the last day of our CAT I drill. I thought I had no chance to to that. But, God is indeed good.

 No photo for what happened. Bummer.
WHAT I WORE: Our class T-shirt, jeans and a cool gold glittery belt. Oh, And I had a high ponytail on.
September 2011 Spirit week/ T-shirt


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