Wow. It's a long time since the last time I blogged. Been busy lately. School is just, y'know, complicated these days. We entered a SPEECH CHOIR contest [me and my classmates] and guess what???

We lost. But--- it was never our fault. Our English teacher gave us a piece that wasn't related to the school's theme. Most of my classmates regret what happened and said if they could go back in time, we would've made our own piece. (sigh)

We also entered this live museum contest where we were dressed as people from movies or books. Our booth was "Hercules". And, yeah, I played the Goddess Athena. I wanted the role Megara so bad but someone already did.

Me as Athena
And right now, I'm supposed to get ready for another rehearsal 'cause we're entering another contest which involves singing Christmas carols. Wish us luck!


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