New Year baby!!!

And I've been thinking 'bout my New Year's resolution: ACT MATURE! You got that right. From the first of January I will now act as a grown up lady. And by a grown up lady, I mean a lady that doesn't talk like a little girl. Time to ditch that. I will no longer whine, cry or do something that will reflect my immaturity. I won't be sensitive. I will handle every criticism calmly and will never ever over react. Ever. But I will still yell. The yell continues whether you like it or not I will still yell "YEHEY!" in every victory I accomplish and in every time I feel happy with someone.

The sad thing about New Year though is that it reminds me of grandpa. He died on New Year's day. And, yeah. I miss him a lot. Every time I sing 'You Won't See Me' by The Beatles I burst into tears. I love him so much and if I could see him one more time I just want to say how lucky I am for being his granddaughter and how he's the best teacher ever! Thanks, Lolo. Really.

Happy New to all of you. Good luck.


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