anticipated update (no? okay.)

On behalf of The Love Club, we would like to reiterate that we did not sing No Scrubs. 

That was from a different TLC.

Lorde wasn't referring to us either.


Sometimes I invent occasions. I’ve learned that every day has its reason to be celebrated, and today I realized I had been using my bed as an office for the past year so—happy anniversary to my bed-office!

Tomorrow (here we go again) and in honor of Women’s Month, 856 G Gallery pays tribute to local women creators and artists. Because of toxic-feminism circulating the world, I never really saw myself as one of these empowering female personas. I didn’t want to be part of anything femmecore-related. But sitting on my bed-office and watching my female friends suffering from a mid-life crisis yet giving birth to amazing and wonderful things during the pandemic is aspiring. Maybe women are worth celebrating all day, every day.

The event—HER/A—will feature tons of lady artists, and awesome brands pioneered by superwomen. One of the brands that will take part in the bazaar is The Love Club. Our mini-campaign on kindness had been successful, and it wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the Thingamabobs. Thank you for falling for our adorable scheme. Ha-ha! Was it Søren? It had to be Søren. That little guy always makes me laugh.

But joking aside, I'm grateful for your existence. You played a humongous role in building TLC because you believed in me. I hope you know that I sincerely love creating things that might bring joy, or might be of service to someone even it’s for just a few minutes. And that's all I want really; seeing someone smile. I'm finally at peace with this because that’s all I can, and will ever do—and I see nothing wrong with that.

Like painting that mural, or doing silly photoshoots—it’s always exciting to take part in moments like these because it gives me the opportunity to create beautiful things, and collaborate with talented people, and cultivate kindness wherever, whenever!

Thank you for celebrating made-up occasions with me, and thanks for keeping me company. My bed-office was a little less lonely with you.

See you around.



a million bucks on a queen motel bed by Eric Hutchinson 
Carousel by Skylar Spence
Past Love by Kimbra
Melatonin by Carter Vail 
SUPERBLOOM  by MisterWives


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