I’m trying to remember this quote from Maria Popova. I remember her point, but I forgot how she said it and where she said it. So I’m going to try my best to express it. She said something, like: the current generation believes that having access to more information produces more knowledge leading to more wisdom. People are afraid to not know something. Our society and its culture did a great job telling us we’re “stupid” when we don’t know any information, or not have any opinion, about <something>. 

So umm, this is a reminder that it’s okay to be clueless, and it’s alright to say, “I don’t know.” 




Is it me, or did September feel like it ended so soon? Thinking back, I feel like all my September memories are compressing themselves in a really fast montage inside my head. Problems. Deadlines. Art. More problems. Monstrous hormonal shifts! MORE DEALINES. 

They’re stressful, and fun. I’m doing alright. How about you? How was your September? 


Speaking of memory lane, did you check Spotify’s new Time Capsule playlist for you? Damn. I played mine yesterday and it goes waaaaay back to 2016. Memories were everywhere! Sometimes it made me cringe, but most times I just think to myself that I should probably list some tracks in case Hollywood finally decides to make a movie about me. I’m just saying, if you need an OST playlist for my character arc, I would be the best person to ask. Music is a big part of everyone’s life, for sure, and I can’t picture how I’d be without it. It’s a memory bookmark; and at the same time, sends you to random non-existent trippy—with A+ cinematography—scenes that best express how it makes you feel when you listen to it. 

I have so many things to say right now (about music), but I’d rather save it for another write-up. I’m here to tell you about my recent September highlight which is the mural! 

Cdsjfar*#(&@egisetjhojrot#$#^&hbsjdfbaer@@($*^ GAAAAAAAAA. Have you ever had that feeling when you’re not really sure what’s on the other side of the rabbit hole and you’re super scared because it’s dark and god-knows-what-lies-beyond-it BUT you take that leap of faith anyway because you have nothing else to lose AND it turns out the fall wasn’t that bad so now you’re hanging out in wonderland, having the time of your life and chanting NO REGRETS NO REGRETS like your life depended on it??? 

That’s how I felt. 

The thingamabobs are now on a public wall, and they’re reminding people to cultivate kindness! This is a big break for them—and for The Love Club! It’s surreal. If you’re from Cebu, you can see them (I hope no one vandalizes it) when you’re on your way to SM Cebu City. It’s the wall on the right side; Mabolo’s Elementary School Gate 2. Take a photo of it and show me! I don’t go out much so it would be cool knowing you guys passing by it, and saying hello to the five thingamabobs who are now alive!!! From being blobs of doodles on my journal to the streets—wow. 

Of course, this would have not been possible if it wasn’t for JCI-Zugbuana rallying up a bunch of artists on Facebook to paint the Walls of Hope. During this time of crisis (with its surprisingly heavy traffic), people tend to forget we're all in this together, and give each other bad energy! Kindness is about giving somebody hope, so it's an honor being part of a project that has the same vision! 

I’m not the best at being an artist (according to my own standards), but I try. This 2020 was full of artsy things and passion projects that would usually just lay on my desk, you know, things that would just escape my mouth and ends there. With zero execution. This quarantimes thought me that you and I can do anything. ANYTHING. 

And yeah, there may be times when we can’t because of financial shit or it goes against our morality (this is sorta dark and I am not going there), but most of the times, we can. I mean isn’t that some sort of universal truth? When there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes that proverb isn’t a good advice especially if it leads to something dark and tragic, but yes, we can do anything. 

Also I want to say something I’ve always wanted to say but never had the perfect time to do it, so I’ll do it now: LoveKyla/The Love Club is not rainbows and butterflies. This is a part of my life that I’m sharing with you, and I don’t want to give out the impression that I’m trying to make you blind to any negative situation; instead, I’m here to remind you that it’s there but life goes on. I hope you can see that I'm willingly offering my hand and letting you know that you’re not alone. 

Together, we will throw kindness confetti everywhere! 

But for real though, this is my home. I appreciate your suggestions and eagerness to take part in this! I feel flattered. I’m not in a hurry to monetize it though (I still have other bills to pay haha), but I’m glad I’m back creating again. 

Remember that time I unpublished my Facebook page because I see no point in having it? I was going to delete my blog too, and give up writing! Psssh. Why give up writing once when you can give up every other time you start writing an article? 

That sounds way more fun. Right?


Thanks for stopping by!



Afterlife by BENEE
Washingtonsquarepark by MOZIAH, Ms. White (I had LSS from this during the mural)
IN A DREAM by Troye Sivan
Superficial Love by Calica, Magdalena Bay
nothing else i could do by elle jane


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