Drunken Monologues Part III

The best beers are out of town.



Welcome to another collection of conversations between me and some random person, #whatIlearnedtoday's and things that I overheard from across the room. This was from January and like always, you have to figure out which of them are mine-- or no, just read it.

"I'm sad, ate. I'm always sad."

"I don't care about him. I don't love him anymore!"

"Do you even think this is gonna work out?"

"Where's Kyla?"

"Maybe it's time for me to change careers?"

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"You're lucky your parents love you. I'm not even welcome at my own house."

"Children should not see me smoking. Especially the little girls."

"Fuck your feelings. That's your problem."


"She was my idol until I knew she was actually fake."

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"So apparently he thinks going to Badian is a good idea."

"I'm not drunk. I'm just tipsy."

"My boss hates me.I don't think she'll ever like me."

"It's nice to be broke with someone. Makes you feel like you're not alone."

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"We don't laugh out loud, never."

"I think I'm finally getting my life straight."

"Can I have this sticker? Please?"

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"Meditate. Just breathe in and out. Focus on your breathing, that's all."

"My life was happier when he was around. That I know for sure."

"I will never get over that. Never."

"I miss you but I'm busy right now."


Smile by The Royal Concept
Pain by The War on Drugs
Cold Cold Cold by Cage the Elephant
A Kind of Magic by Queen
Float by Pacific Air


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