I Don't Need Your Pep Talk

I saved a slug's life today. 



The rain poured madly today. 

We live in the mountainside so I've always thought that the rain clouds would be twice nearer than usual. It felt like it though-- swear. 

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Dad was so worried that he made me wear this gigantic plastic bag 'cause I had no umbrella nor raincoat. He made me cut small circles in the bag so that my head and arms would go through it. Honestly, I looked very silly but I didn't really care. I never do. I took it off before I rode a jeepney.

Speaking of jeeps, that was probably one of rarest days I said 'Para!' so the driver would stop. Most of the people here in Cebu say 'Lugar laaaaaang' which is equivalent to 'Park here' or whatever. I would prefer saying para 'cause it makes the driver stop automatically. 

(Where am I going with this). I just wanted to share that 'cause I felt like you should know. 

Plus it made me happy-- it was nice to witness rain today. And to say para. 

All of the Kylas inside me felt good.

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Moving on..

I've been thinking-- do you guys remember the time where I promised that after I graduated college I'll pursue my career of being a communication arts-person-thingy? Well, the thing is: I'm still in this company that I hate.


I don't know. I guess I've never made a bold move of quitting. 


I seriously don't know. 

I'm completely lost in my career. I mean, I know I'm earning money-- enough for me and my family. Yeah, I do go broke sometimes but I'd like to think that it was for good reasons. I don't remember spending something stupid. 

I'm not saying that I don't enjoy my job. Teaching and facilitating is fun. The travel account is fun and I have loved it for several years. There are workmates I always look forward to seeing every other day. I learned so much especially in helping people become their better self--  I don't have complaints on that aspect at all.

I guess I'm just not completely happy. 

I could be wrong but I rarely am. I know you get me. You get me, right? When you feel down and then eventually some people will cheer you up. 

They tell you that you're great
That you are capable of amazing things
That they can see you grow 
Yadda yadda

All those pep talks and shiz. 

The thing is, I don't really need the pep talk because I already know I'm  brilliant. 

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I figured the only thing stopping me is fear of making big decisions, starting over again and failing. Which is what other folks might feel too. 



I don't really see the point of this blog post. I just want you to know I'm still alive. 

And I want you to have a good weekend. You deserve it.


Lintik by Brownman Revival 
When They Fight, They Fight by Generationals
New Soul by Yael Naim
Everything Now by Arcade Fire
The Man by The Killers


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