You're Not The Boss of Me

'When you love someone, you have to be careful with it. You might never get it again.'



Yesterday, I watched Nocturnal Animals and I think it was a good movie. I learned that a lot of artists and writers never really like what they create-- but they continue to do their thing anyway because they're driven and insecure. 

It's beautiful and sad when you think about the fact that creativity is more dense when someone's been hurt or when they feel negative things. You either feel too much or feel nothing at all, and if there's anything I hate in this world-- it's probably people who can't feel a single thing in this planet.

Those inconsiderate insensitive selfish people--- those people who call themselves immune to the world's drama. Pfft. And you can't just change their views in life because-- duh, they're jerks. And since I encounter these people daily, I have managed to tolerate their behavior.. until they cross certain lines.

1) Accept that they will never ever care about _______.

- You can't force them to care how Hamilton is now touring in San Francisco or how DC will release a Batgirl movie soon so you might as well have to deal with the fact that those things are not meant to be relayed to them. Your efforts are useless, give up.

2) But don't stoop to their level

- Because that's not how loverrs are. I didn't raise you that way. Don't play fire with fire-- it doesn't apply to this situation, you won't win. Omg. I laughed. Hahaha I just imagine how stupid you'll look if you lost. Hahah-- what?

3) Constant Memo

- *do not nag* Remind them that sometimes they have to be aware to other people's feelings. I know it's not who they are but sometimes, they have to put themselves in their shoes even if it ruins the definition of them, if it hurts them, if it doesn't follow their principles in life or if it crushes their ego. Sooner or later it's gonna sink in.

4) Say no.

- If they want something, uh-uh. Don't say yes automatically! Come on, have some dignity! "Selfish people always ask for favors, but they squirm out of helping you when you need their help. That’s just how they operate. While it is important to be tolerant and give a selfish friend or partner a chance to change, it is also important not to enable their selfishness—especially if it ends up hurting you." -lifehack person

5) Drift your raft farther

- Time alone is well spent than time with selfish people. Seek better friends or break-up.(Disclaimer: I am not promoting break ups, just suggesting haha)

You basically get my point by now. If what I shared did not help at all-- then honey, I'm sorry you feel sad. But there's nothing wrong with you. You still win in life.

Kapit lang, kaibigan kong unsung hero. 



Harana by Eraserheads (mine)
Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears (Mira's)
Feel It Still by Portugal the Man (Dad's-- its his birthday, btw)
No Cities to Love by Slither-Kinney (Kirk's)
Love is a Laserquest by Arctic Monkeys (Yssa's)


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