Dear mga Kapwa

I'm still laptop-less but that doesn't make me stop blogging because I am freeloading on everyone's gadgets-- ha!



This is going to be quick and direct: shut up and move on.

Your anti-Marcos and your friend's pro-Marcos drama is both getting into my nerves.

You are being immature about this-- are we really going to make a big deal about this? Every single day?

Now I know your relative or some story has touched you to possibly loathe the Martial Law era but, come on: there are much more problems this country is facing that needs MORE attention than a man being buried in this magical graveyard.



And in my opinion, Marcos didn't do anything wrong-- it's just that some military people abused the law and did all those awful unforgivable things you argue about. And if Marcos did  do something horrible (in the political aspect), isn't that normal? That's how politics work.

That's how your mayor works.
The senators.
Our President, even.

But we don't really know because we're not suppose to. It's a dirty job. I'm sure everyone of them has a guilty conscience but, sweetie-- from how this country is formed and built-- politicians are forced to trade away something (may it be their personal shiz or the fellowmen's) and barter it for something else that will benefit someone/thing or whatever.

Because here's the truth: EVERYONE IS CORRUPT. It's just a matter of who gets the spotlight.

And this is why this "country" will never progress any time soon.

We fight on things that are not worth fighting for.

And it's just sad.

How do you not get it?


Try, Try, Try by Smashing Pumpkins
New Perspective by P!@TD
Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears
Charlie Brown by Coldplay
Wait For It by Leslie Odom Jr 


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