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I got to tour BG Bridal Gallery and NST Pictures' office because my friend Shane works there and he said he'll plan my wedding and give me free stuff but only if I get married this year and hey-- I have three months to decide! Am I serious? No I'm not, obviously.

But I could be.

Bridal Gallery has been into the wedding industry since 1976 with NST Pictures. They witnessed real love stories from all over the world and filmed them to make the magical memory last a lifetime.

They saw how brides and grooms prepare for the big day and came to know what they need to make the dream wedding happen-- so, they have this website and showrooms-- for all things wedding!

BG helps you in planning your wedding-- like, giving you tips or suggesting unique themes. 


They can find you professional wedding planners, designers and etc. near where you are so that it wouldn't be a hassle for you-- plus you'll feel more confident that your big day will surely end up the way you planned.

And you wanna know the cool part?

BG will help you create a website t announce your engagement and share it to-- Idk hmm maybe: everybody that matters!

Bridal Gallery is based in Japan, Singapore, United States and the Philippines.

You will find their Cebu palace in Lower Ground Floor, FLB Corporate Center, Cebu Business IT Park, Cebu City.

You can visit their website at: www.bgbridalgallery.com.ph


Instagram: www.instagram.com/bgbridalgallery
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bgbridalgallery
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bgbridalgallery

So if you happen to be thinking on getting that dream wedding day, Bridal Gallery is for you. Here, I'll leave you their number: +63 32 345 1111. Give 'em a ring. And oh, don't forget to invite me on your special day: I can sing or maybe design your dress or..

or just sit there and clap: Yay you!



Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay
Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley
Helpless by Hamilton Cast (YES.)
Something Stupid by Frank & Nancy Sinatra
Runaway by The Killers


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