Cebu, The Philippines, 15 October 2015- Hong Kong Land and Taft Properties today jointly announced that their premium mixed-use joint-venture project in Mandaue City, will be named 'Mandani Bay'. The project will be developed in the phases over the next 10 years. It occupies a waterfront site of approximately 20 hectares with a prominent location between Mactan Island and Cebu Business Park, the home of Cebu International Airport and the major commercial areas of Cebu City.

For more information, please contact:

Gilbert C. Ang
Project Director- Mandani Bay


If you stand for nothing, what do you fall for?


The Cebu Blogging Community celebrated its 2nd year anniversary last night at Mandani Bay Showroom. And before we started the gathering formally-- we took the chance of taking photographs of the Mandani Bay's World-Class Gallery.

But most importantly, the CBC 2.0 project:

Digital warriors and guardians we are, the members of CBC have the responsibility to promote social good and bring a positive change to the community-- not only limiting to Cebu but around the world.

“Bloggers have the ability to influence positive change. Their difference with other social media personalities is that they have a platform that they can use to elevate their brand, advocacies, principles and even their respective businesses,” says Bjorn Bernales, CBC Community Lead for Networks and Linkages.

#LevelUpCebu is about inspiring and bringing out the advocacies and create a significant change. And I am honored to be a part of this association.

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I am mostly thankful for spending the night with awesome people who have been great influencers in the community-- I learned a thing or two (especially on catching Pokemons)

With best regards! Thank you for spreading the joy and amore~



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Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader
We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel
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