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It was the second time I cried today.

The first time was when I found out there was no more spaghetti in the pantry. Haha.


Have you ever felt sad before that all you wanna do is just stare at the wall and do nothing? Your world tumbled down and you're in the notion that you won't find happiness anymore and all you want is to drown down the abyss of sadness until you feel completely numb about it.

*blows hair*

They said there are two types of sadness: 1) the type of sadness that can easily be forgotten with the help of friends or material things and 2) the type where you feel completely paralyze. It's like you haven't moved from the spot where you first felt sad and you think you'll be sad forever. Which makes it more sad. I think I'm overusing the word sad here. How sad.

I'm sad.

Yes, this Kyla is sad. Pretty unbelievable, I know but hey, come on, I'm human, too. I'm not here to share my sadness, though. I'm simply here to tell you that if you feel really sad right now and people are forcing you to cheer up and you can't, that's totally fine. Nothing is wrong if you're sad.

Sadness, like happiness, is easily contagious. If you keep frowning and carry a dark cloud above your head, then chances are that cloud will definitely multiply.

Don't overdo it, though. I mean, it's not the end of the world (yet. Technically. I mean we'll never know that but sometimes you- sorry. You know what I mean. Ha-ha.) There's a rainbow always after the rain! Or a flood. (Plot twist. I'm not good at this..)

In all seriousness, what I'm saying is that life = suffering. Buddha reference. It's a pretty negative statement but Buddha doesn't mean that you need to get hurt everyday to actually live life. People hurt you. You lose hope. You get disappointed. You feel like it's the end. That's totally normal. And it's fine to feel that way. Just always remember, you are loved. Somebody out there cares for you. And they're always there to help you. If you feel alone, then you have yourself to make you happy. Dalai Lama once said: happiness comes from your own actions. If you keep thinking that you won't be happy, you won't. And why think that way?

Go on. Cry and mourn all you want. After that, get yourself a chocolate and start over again. At least this time, you're stronger than ever.



Brown Eyes by Lady Gaga
Back to Black by Amy Winehouse
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
Everybody Hurts by REM
Hey Jude! by The Beatles


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