From Here on Out

Friends leave us wondering what it all was about. - The Killers



Did you know that everytime we look at the stars, we're actually looking at the past? Light travels slow so it takes years for us to see their shine and the star that sparkles we see now is probably dead... (Did that make sense?)

Think about it! If we're looking at the universe (and by universe, I mean, the sky at nighttime), we're technically looking at the it as it was billions of years ago! Same goes if some sort of alien is looking at us through a telescope right at this moment, he'll probably see dinosaurs or cavemen. Isn't that sorta cool? The fact that we're looking at the past.. I mean, c'mon. You gotta admit it's really cool. It's so cool I can't stop myself from sharing it to everybody. And did you know that we humans are sorta made up of stardusts? Sounds fairytale-ish rather than scientific.


I'm a sucker for stars. Truth be told, I'm a sucker when it comes to the universe. The mere fact that we are part of this galactic world amazes me. Have you ever wondered what's out there? You'd probably be, like, I don't know, Kyla. Why would I wonder? There's plenty other things to do than wondering about what's "out there". Well tell you, what.. I wonder every single day. If there are approximately 400 billion stars in our galaxy, and there are, I don't know, tons or billions of galaxies, then that means... there are 400 billion x *insert unbelievable digits* billion stars in the whole universe! And it doesn't end there... what if there is another universe? Or another? Then that means that there's-

-ah, forget it. I had too much coffee again.

I'll stop. Swear. After this cup..


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