Angels and Daisies

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Because demons are so last season.


                The only being that can interact with a human is another human.

                "It's not a punishment", God said, "It's just how things work."

                There was never an explanation. Not even a word. But it is what it is. Angels will continue to lose their wings whenever they will be attached to a human or to a human's feelings. Once they lose their wings, they gain emotions that God, in the very beginning, did not give them. But losing the wings never actually made them less angelic- they just became more human. They were able to cry and laugh, love and hate, feel pain, be angry- they were sentient. They can even talk to humans- and for the first time, it wasn't in a form of a dream- they can actually talk to humans!

Then again, the only thing that can interact with a human is another human.

- Wings, Yang Wyldenfree 

*shifts to Kyla mode*

Oh my gosh. What if the random people who help us are angels? I don't mean to be all dreamy and all but, c'mon guys, hear me out here- the thought actually could be a possibility. In some surreal world, that is. It's so weird that a concept like this was formed by a semi-non-believer. ~(*o*~) Yes. Yes I am. 


The guy from Disney world said that I deserve a magical day. Apparently the only magic that I witnessed is the disappearance of my headphones, which by the way was newly bought. Abracadabra. 

Ooo! Ooo! But it wasn't that bad. Usually I spend my day-off listening to music and staying in bed but this time I got up and ate breakfast with my Grandma. We started talking about life and experience when she was young; the brutality and agony the world thrown in to her. But look at her now? She's been travelling the world, has a happy family and she's healthy (well, kind of). 

Her ever famous line: Where were you?

Friends and families who should have been there to help her when she needed them the most were not present. So she did it all by herself.  And you know what I adore about her? She will never forget what they did (in this case, nothing) but she still helps them. What a heart. *applause*

And speaking of heart... itty bitty heart misses mom. 

My little cousin saw me crying the other day and I told her it was because of my mother. She said God needed more angels so that's why she took her. 

We could get somebody else,
But we want someone like you.
We could get somebody else,
But we want someone like you.

We could get somebody else,
But we want someone like you.

Pretty usual  coming from a 7-year old. Don't actually fall for that kind of shiz but at some point it made me smile. Happy Birthday, mom. :) 


I wish I was back home in Leyte. I mean, I like Cebu but I never felt the comfort here. Maybe not yet. I dunno. But I'm happy. I guess. I should be. Right? 

Magical day. Huh.



#Beautiful by Mariah Carey ft. Miguel
Browned Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
Don't Worry, Be Happy by Bob McFerrin
No Shows by Gerard Way
Magic by Pilot


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