I'm going to school, mom. *kiss*


All my little plans and schemes
Lost like some forgotten dreams
Seems that all I really was doing
Was waiting for you

Just like little girls and boys
Playing with their little toys
Seems like all they really were doing
Was waiting for love

Don't need to be alone
No need to be alone

I changed my work schedule from 8pm-5am because I'm going to school this June. Dad said I shouldn't resign at work 'cause he doesn't have a stable job yet. You also told me that I can do it, so that's cool with me. 

We went out last weekend for Father's Day. Haha. Dad is wearing these weird business suits and I'm kinda not used to them. You'll probably laugh when you're here. And hey! I found out dad has indie band stalkers in Twitter. Geez, mom. Never knew you were married to this awesome man. *fistbump*

Level of awesomeness: 9 out of 10
He's keeping a low profile to avoid paparazzi and all that sh-

Anyway, we're doing this project in one of our majors (advertising thingy) and...

... these are some of my groupmates. We had a photo shoot earlier for our advertising agency: Sync Inc. Who knows what'll become of us. Haha. 

All I know is, through out the day, you will always be my inspiration and I know that you wanted me to go onward in my life. 

I miss you, mom.
I love you. Forever.




"I am your son. I've always been your son."

Playlist this June:

New by Paul McCartney
Believer by American Authors
Gun by MCR
You Only Live Once by The Strokes (Highly recommended.)
Real Love by The Beatles


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