Walking Dead

We're modern zombies of this era. ​

I have to admit, I'm really scared about our generation today. Apps... likes...posts... follow... more apps; geez, that's what most people only care about. I feel like we're not living life a more productive way. And whats scares me the most is knowing that things might get worse in the future.. Whick I hope it won't. If you're one of those people who often goes online to live a virtual life, then I would suggest you limit that because you're missing out a lot in life. Plus you're becoming lazy... and your big sister will have to wash your laundry for you... Which by the way sucks because you're big sister happens to be working and she's in no mood to wash your laundry. But since she's a big sister, she has no choice. Sound familiar, Kirk? Mira? Anyone? Haha.

Ultimate throwback

Dear suicidal fella,

Complaining on what's going on with your life doesn't do anything so get a knife and kill yourself. XD


Don't ever think of killing yourself. If you're assuming that your life is miserable and you have no hope in any way, then you're wrong. Trust me, I've been there and I'm not joking. My literature teacher once told our class that suicide is the highest form of romantic act. I didn't know what he meant by that but I think killing yourself doesn't sound romantic in any form. Unless otherwise stated.  But in any case, suicidal acts doesn't prove that a person is weak. Nor it proves that the person is strong. Either way, don't go on killing yourself without even thinking thoroughly about it.
Hope is there. You may not see it but it's there. Somewhere. Seriously, it's there. (Haha.) You just have to be a bigger bitch than usual to deal with life's negativity. God, they say, has a reason why all those so-called 'bullshit' are happening to you, but I think He doesn't know what's going on with you or I'm assuming He doesn't have any control on anything.

Talk to a friend.
Spend time with your family.
Buy a dog.
Have fun.
Fall in love.
Read my older posts. ;P
And maybe then, you'll realize you have a reason for living.



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