Ask Yourself

I don't know why but I feel obliged to promote FTP's new album. Haha.

Because their new album rocks

The more I want, the less I've got.
Is this the life you've been waiting for?
Ask yourself.

Yeah, their songs got me thinking about my life lately and how I often feel depressed. But I guess that's normal. I mean, all I'm asking is that if you feel the same way, I hope you try to be strong because life will shift back to sunshine. Soon. Just don't give up. Okay? Good.

Like, how I won't give up learning to play All These Things That I've Done by The Killers.

Can't seem to get the right strumming pattern

Stay positive. 


We had this Summer Kick-Off for work and guess who earned the Best Agent title? Woot woot~ me!

Hosts, Team Manager, Me and Supervisors


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