Strumming Faces

To Jane:

Everybody we meet gives us a lesson throughout our lives; every stranger we share a smile to, every man who broke our heart, every girl that made you happy, every teacher who helped you dream, every mean person that discouraged you and every friend who's there whenever you fall.. everybody. They all make us who we are now. Remember that song--

Where are you now?
Cause I'm thinking of you
You showed me how
How to live like I do
If it wasn't for you
I would never be who I am

--yeah, that one. People come and go and it's meant to be that way. They either soar you high in the sky or drag you down to the dungeons of  demonic rituals. Kidding. No one will ever do that. Or will they? O.o

The reason why you meet them? I don't know, but when you do.. let them know. What's worse is, you meet more.. 'unwanted' people. Which btw, doesn't mean your life sucks. :3 Just take a deep deeeeeeeeeeep breath and relax. I know, I know.. but it's illegal to kill them so deal with it. 

I mean, life is a jigsaw puzzle. Every person is there to finish the big picture. It's all about patience and perspective. And control. And determination. And all those piece of sh*t. Pretty soon the photo will eventually come out great.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY GAGA! Haha. Just another monster craze. She inspires me (*u*) People ask me why I like her despite all the bad rumors about her.. I answer, "Art. Art, dude." 

She's a philanthropist.

She's beautiful

She's a humanist!

Her songs are weird XD

*Photos are not my property*

I don't actually care if she sees this or not. I just wanted to say all those things.


Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys is an awesome lyricist.
Plus he's hot.



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