I'm sorry, JB

Dear Justin Bieber,

I never really knew why I don't like you. XD But if ever that last post offended you... sorry. Haha.
Here's a token of my apology.

And if you don't like that one.. I got another..


We were working on our project for our major subject and we decided to shake the stress away by doing that. 

Truth be told, I think it worked. I guess.

And oh! Look who showed up!

With Ma'am Estela and Ate Janice
A very touchy Jollibee, that is. He was diggin' on us. But mostly on Yssa because I backed away. XD Haha. Nice one, dude. Using the mascot as your shield. :3

Anyway, I just want to share this to all of you:

"Never forget yourself. NEVER. Because sometimes, in life, we focus our attention to other people and we end up missing out on ourselves. It is never too late to find time for yourself. Okay?"

Life lesson.

I got when I left my laptop inside the girl's bathroom and doors are already locked. I was like, "Shoot. I was the one telling people to be careful because they might forget something... and voila! Luckily we found a way. :)

G'night :**
Will be another wicked day tomorrow~



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