We had a mini fashion show last Wednesday.
Theme: DREAMS: Change, Fun and Pixie Dust. (I made the theme. *insert shy face*) My classmates don't even know that but that's okay 'cause I think it's not a big deal. Change represents Four Elements, Fun represents The Circus and Pixie Dust represents Peter Pan.

Picmonkey.com made this possible XD

The goal was to deconstruct a t-shirt and show yourself to the world! (or the people at the venue.)

I was suppose to be a ringmaster but it seems that I don't look like one. But, who cares?  I still look awesome .

With Yssa as Tinkerbell

Mi amiga support

With April as a creepy magician (more like beautiful though)

With my group. The Circus.

Brigitte as a lettuce. HAHA. Kidding. As an Earth guardian or something like that.  You see, their theme was  Four Elements

Me, April and ex-AB Com student Jose. He helped with the techy stuff.

Maureen as a Fire Queen

Anel as Captain Hook

The Peter Pan crew

Tin as another creepy magician

Yona as another creep magician.

Lalaine as Tiger Lily

Portia as a sexy ringmaster of some sort



Check the other photos at my facebook account.

All the hard work finally paid off.

They say fighting never does anything right. But I think it does. It makes you see the true colors of someone. It makes you realize that after all this time, that person was actually hiding something away from everybody and it finally came out.

I'm looking forward to all the storms I'll be witnessing with these people.
And I'm looking forward with the result after the storm.
I love them. Despite of everything. XD

Seriously, I do.


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