Dear lingering,

I guess we’ve all been a victim of you.

We see depths of something magical and mysterious where we see the light that leads us to a great fall. Sometimes, we are pushed down and sometimes we surrender ourselves willingly and jump without having second thoughts. And finally when we do, everything around us seems to vanish into thin air. It’s as if we are dragged into another dimension. This time, deeper and darker; falling to the beautiful rhythm we hear inside us. And there, we spend most our lives thinking how and why. But we will never know. 

Maybe not sooner. 

We have become a victim of something invisible yet powerful enough to enslave us and separate us away from our own consciousness. It is capable of making fools out of the mortals in us. But despite of being clueless of what is happening, we find that it is better to stay and continue the consequences because we know deep down that it’s what we need and what we crave for. 

To some, this place is endless. They enjoy the feeling of being pulled by something stronger than gravity. But to others, it has an end. They crash down, all weak and hurt from the fall and still find the courage to say that it was worth it. Because believe me, it is. Strange as it seems, most of us will try to find another portal and hopefully will fall again.

And again.



I’ll be alright, just not tonight.

People, based on my observation, are crazy.   
That doesn’t even exclude me. I mean, some things will never make sense but it does make sense. (See?!)

*insert Its the Way You Make Me Feel by Steps*

Yeah. I think you all know what I mean. These butterflies are staying here forever.

*deeper sigh*



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