An Excerpt


I was alone at the diner that evening. I think it was almost eight o' clock. So many things we're going through my mind. I just couldn't handle things anymore. I stared at my burger that's not even half-eaten. I realized I wasn't hungry at all. I stood up because I had a feeling that I was going to shed a tear.

I left. Outside, I was waiting for a cab. It was a cold and rainy night and people we're in a hurry to head home. There were two drivers arguing in front of me. One was so angry he banged the the hood of his car. All his passengers we're terrified. The other driver was mad and kept cursing at the other. Another driver broke the fight and everything cooled down. Both of them went to their cabs and the one who banged the hood drove away. I was staring at the driver with scared eyes. I could tell he was still angry; his lips we're moving. One man beside me said, "If he doesn't calm down.. he'll crash for sure." I turned his way with a smile. Slowly, I walked toward the car of the driver. He lit a cigarette and opened the passenger seat from the inside. I took a glance at the man who was beside me earlier and he looked at me with an expression as if saying I hope you know what you're doing. I went inside and closed the door, the driver exhaled smoke out of the car and he threw the cigarette. He started the engine.

He drove smoothly and carefully because the rain was getting hard. I closed my eyes and thought about Elli. Everybody envied her. I envied her. I was always her shadow. People think I'm her understudy. I was always second place to her.  She was pretty, smart, rich and talented. She has a loving family and great friends. My family is nothing compared to her. My family is a wreck. I don't think it's called 'family' anymore. My mom is in prison for murder and my dad went out with another woman. Everyday I wish Elli never existed. She reminded me of how stupid my life is.

Elli died yesterday. She drugged herself to death. You wanna know what's funny? Her parents gave me a letter. They told me Elli wrote it for me. She said she envied me. She thanked me for being a good friend, for always being  there.. which was funny 'cause I never labeled her as my friend.

I opened my eyes and the rain stopped.
The driver was on the average speed now. His eyes fixed on the road.

I stared outside the window and cried. Tears fell continuously. I wasn't sad. I was angry. I wish this car would crash. I don't care about the other passengers, I just wish I would die. I was angry at my parents, at my friends, at my teacher... I was angry at Elli. She died and left me guilty. The car was getting faster now. We were at an intersection and cars were everywhere.  I looked at the driver and he said, "There he is." I looked at the direction he was looking and I saw the cab of the other driver he argued with earlier. He was furious now. Then he looked at me and said, "Hold on tight." I closed my eyes. He turned right towards the enemy and made an illegal U-turn. I opened my eyes and saw a bright ray of light.

Uun you eeer eee..
Eyy uuhh
Eyy uhh 

Was someone talking to me?

Uun you eeer eee..
Can you hear me? Can you hear me? She's waking up! Wake up. Answer me. She's alive! She's alive!

I heard sirens. I can't see exactly what was going on but I heard screaming. Everything was blurry but I can see a huge truck that was almost upside down. Then, right there.. right in front of me is a dead body: the driver. A man approached me and said, "You're lucky. Everybody else died in the crash."

I stared blankly at him and I cried so hard.
I was still angry. This time, at myself.

Happy Anniversary! :)) To celebrate, I shared an excerpt from my short story: Deadly Sins.
I hope you like it.



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