Dear Norm,

Someone from above is watching your every move.

Let me tell you a story:

I know a guy from school who is completely irritating. He asks questions when the answer is pretty obvious, craves attention from everyone, insults you subtly, uses God's name to threaten you, lazy and is a complete FAKE.

One time, when I was having my afternoon break in school with my friends, he ended up as our topic.

"He is such a baby!", one of my friends said, "He whines about everything!"

Then another friend said, "He was once a part of our groupwork in class; he didn't help us with the project but he gets most of the credit! Can you believe that?"

Many more complains about his behavior were heard. Then suddenly, one of them said:

"You know, he was once caught cheating on somebody."

*insert shocked face*

Him? Cheat? Wow.

"Actually, it's not the first time he did it."

All of us huddled closer and started talking more about him. We started calling him names like: jerk, bastard, liar, imbecile.... and sinner.

"Yeah, a sinner. Suits him. How dare he uses God's name in everything when he himself doesn't follow His word.", my friends said.

Then it hit me. Him? A sinner? Everybody's a sinner, right? Everyone.

And look at us? We were talking behind this wrongdoer's back which is a big 'NO' in morality. How dare we call him all those names when we ourselves were doing something equally delinquent.

We were jerks.
And most of all STUPID.

Stupid enough to point at someone's imperfection as something more dense than ours.

But no.
A complete mistake.

No matter how small you think your sins are, it doesn't matter because they're still sins.

And God hates sins.
Which is entirely a paradox because He loves sinners.

I hope you get my point.
Good night!



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