Never wanna stand up for myself
Never wanna get in the way, I said it
I don’t know what the plan is,
But you can share with me, ‘cause I’ll
Be listening here,
To everything you say, I won’t turn away
And I will listen, open up my heart and
I must say that I love you.


Forgetting you was the most stupidest thing I have done. Like, ever. How can I forget you?! I created you~

*dramatic sound effects*

But anyway, thanks to my security questions (Where is your father from? and Who's you favorite author?), I managed to reset you. But I did have a little trouble at first because I also forgot who my favorite author is. Well, I know who HE is but... well... I wasn't sure if he was the one I wrote on the day I created the question. Luckily he was the one, so... yeah. I feel okay now.

I just discovered a song and I wouldn't say that I fell in-love with it, I just like it. It's 'When You're Gone' by Bryan Adams ft Melanie C. I just heard it on the radio while I was on a cab and I found myself bobbing my head. And, yes... I'm playing it now.

This post has nothing to do with our cat, Orlando but it just seems right to put his picture here.



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