No matter how great and confident you are at your talent, SOMEONE will always be there to pull you down.

 People, big or small, tall or short, fat or slim experience humiliation here on Earth. Villains exist, stop telling yourself they don't. They may not have plans to dominate the entire planet, but they do have plans to dominate YOU.

So, what to do??

Basically, we just look stupid. Life is unfair. Actually, if it wasn't, where's the fun in that? Our mistakes that people point may let us think we have to abandon the things we've been through, but hey, to tell you frankly, if you feel like giving up on that sort of dilemma, it's a sign of weakness. And weakness is just plain bad. No one wishes to be powerless.Unless of course, you want to. But that's a whole different story...

If that person pushes you down... man up, dude! Prove him wrong! Geez, don't just sit there and cry '*hu hu hu*. I suck.'

Hey, kick his ass.

(not literally)

Or better yet, stay calm, breathe and play the game.

And then kick him.

Plus, that someone might be the reason one day, you WILL live  your dream!

You are going to be so thankful for the embarrassment and shame you have been through.And that's the part where you laugh maniacally in your mind saying, 'IN YOUR FACE!' Ha-ha!

So, are you giving up? or expect for your last laugh? :DD
Good luck. And remember...



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