Dear Mom's Birthday,

I was waiting for you. To be honest I was much more excited than mom herself.

Mom and Dad went out today and crowned it BINGO night. When they got home, I figured they had a great day.

Anyway... I realized a lot of things today and has nothing to do with Mom. I was at school and I have concluded that vultures migrate all over the place. They stab you in the back. And even your shadow betrays you. Haha! Like, literally. When you're hiding from someone and light shines behind you, shadows tell people where you are.

A man is his own best friend and enemy.

And I also learned that I should take a BIG break from shouting and having fun. I must say, sometimes you'll get bored with the same people. But still, we must do something to change the brittle situation. And if you want the relationship to tremble down, go. No one is stopping you.



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