Dear school,

I made a poem. But, sadly, it's not about you. It's about the people I actually encounter. Because, I feel as if I'm left out or something... and it feels sooooooooooooo GOOD! Haha! So, anyway, here it goes:

"Ruby Among Diamonds"
  by Kyla Estoya

Of all the rocks that I have seen,
Of all the people whom I have been,
They are much precious and shiny than me.
They are not rubies, they're diamonds, you see.

Diamonds talk about experiences and what they know,
I, a ruby, think it's nothing but a show.
They use other colors for the words they say,
I feel as if an audience at their little play.

Diamonds say that I am their friend, but obviously, I am not.
They will never give a ruby a shot.
They follow me around and observe how I shine.
What is my weakness? Thus they look for a sign.

Diamonds look at me with smiles not fake but true,
Yet again, I can't see the difference, can you?
They camouflage themselves on this ivory room,
Using their best makeup and costume.

What is worse is when I'm not around,
They talk behind my back and push me down.
Others even say it up front,
Telling me, I'm boring and that I am blunt.

Ruby isn't plain. It is unique.
Rocks like me though, are called freaks.
But let me ask: which weighs more?
A diamond who belongs? 
Or a ruby who can be best of them all?

I'm gonna be there in 20 minutes!



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