Dear Jake,

I now believe in this 'Law of Attraction' thingy. You know?? That moment when you think of someone often (or always), they eventually show up or call or text or even hear news from them from another person. Either way, it happens to me frequently nowadays. And somehow I kind of like the way people show up and bring a smile on my face in times when I need that sort of 'surprise-here-I-am' presence.

On the other hand though, the more I think about them, and the more they show up/call/text... the more I miss them.

College is different. I don't get to call them when I want to. I have to find the perfect time to call them: 3am. I'm sure they're not busy at that time and probably not even asleep. And I can't load my prepaid sim that often due to school needs. AND, some people, are in a school where cellphones aren't even aloud. Which is totally unfair because that person is the one I miss the most!

Don't ask me who it is. He's not my boyfriend that's for sure.



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