Dear Art Geek,

Y'know the feeling when you get so hooked to someone  you think you may be falling in love with that person? Then you end up daydreaming about him. Once. Twice. Thrice. Next thing you know, BAM! Cupid darn hit you good.

by: Faith Joy Costillas

In this hidden place of blue
I sit on a bench with nothing to do
I sat still with no clue
And thought I could daydream about you!

I sat still thinking of you

Thinking on how you made my life have hue
With only cupid's cue
I think I fell in love with you.

I'll be honest that I felt so scared
When I took another step and dared
Gave you a letter of confession
Telling you that you are my inspiration.

I feel so gay
When you said "HEY"
I can't forget it throughout the day
And hoped the feeling would forever stay.

My heart skipped a beat
When I saw you again walking down the street;
You looked so cute
On that violet T-shirt.

We've met again but I didn't have the courage to take a glance
I feel so sad for it was my last chance ------
I'll just return to that hidden place of blue
And continue on daydreaming about you. 

Not bad for an amateur poet. Ikaw na, Faith! Ha-ha.

So, anyway.. I found this maxi dress in our closet and I tried it on...

It fits. With a bottle of detergent and some stitches, this dress will be good as new.

See this photo? I bet it looked boring when it was taken. With a photo editor, I think it's the best photo so far. I just felt like posting this. Giving credits to Bernice (left) and his friend.


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